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Profile image of figurative painter Diego Serrano


Diego Serrano is a contemporary figurative painter, born in 1975 in Lleida and formed as an artist, designer and creative director in Barcelona.


Degree in Arts and Design in Ondara Art School.


He creates mostly with oil painting on canvas, from a figurative and expressionist approach, but also experimenting with other mediums and techniques.

Defender of a holistic, global and free vision of Art, he disseminates his work mainly online.


"I always need the human emotion in my paintings, that's why I need people in the scene.

When I feel moved by an image, I need to paint and explore it with every brushstroke.

At the beginning I like to see what's going on in the scene, I enjoy the figurative part of the composition, but when it emerges in the canvas, then I move to the funny part. I love that moment when everything is in place and you can just let you go with the painting, through the painting, let your own feelings emerge and blur the boundaries between figurative and expressionism.


I am interested in a kaleidoscopic interpretation, where different edges of the same story, possible points of view and moments are superimposed, all at the same time. Starting from an idea or sensation, as the painting evolves I like to add nuances and layers that allow a connection, almost like in the telling of a story where the viewer must order the chapters adding their own emotion."

Diego Serrano, 2023

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